Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sketch Dump

Hey all, getting some more art up here since this is supposed to be an art blog.

Managed to get some very nice sketches and watercolors done while I was at the beach last month. Very happy with how some of the later pieces turned out.

Muse enjoying the island beverages and decor.
The house were renting had a poster with a hula girl and I thought muse would look good in the lei.

Rayne relaxing on the beach.
Luckily the arm's brass or the salt water would be a nightmare. As it is she's gonna be spending hours cleaning the sand out.

Random blonde girl looking coy, used a photo reference for the pose. Scanner did horrible things to the delicate tonal variations on the violet around her. >_<

Demoness. By far my favorite lineart of the lot, colored this one digitally because I didn't want to mess up the pencils and most of the colors in the ones above were pretty much off the cuff. Plan to do a full digipaint of this at some point to practice colors.

Alternate colors of the Demoness lineart. I like this color set better than the other, but need to play around with it a bit more I think.

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