Monday, August 2, 2010

Dream Worlds

Ok, the scanner's on the fritz, so no watercolors yet. Will get that fixed as soon as I can.

Tomorrow's going to be a cleaning day, organizing all the stuff that got moved into my studio while I was cleaning my room after moving back home from college. With any luck I'll have space to actually work and more incentive to actually do so.

In other news, I saw Inception last night. Was a mind-trip. The dream-within-dream element alone was enough to mess with me; then add in the issues of what happens when you loose track of what is a dream and whether or not the world we live in is a dream and we just don't realize it (overlapping with concepts of Objective/Subjective/Consensus Reality, similar ideas that are presented in "eastern"/"Hindu" religion and in the Matrix).

Long story short, I thoroughly enjoyed it and summarily spent an hour after the movie discussing it with the friend I saw it with.

And speaking of crafting dreams, I'm working on building a D&D campaign that I plan to run, as soon as I can find players. Basically it's sort of a Wild West meets 1001 Arabian Nights. With dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are awesome. Will post the synopsis once things solidify more.

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