Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DragonCon Preperations, vol. 2

Ok, teasers are done, getting clothing pulled together and packed.

Excited to be heading off to Dragon*Con, first big convention since 2006 when I went to Otakon and MomoCon in Atlanta '08 (good thing about MomoCon was that it was free. Bad news, it was free).

Got a Flickr stream going, going to be uploading pictures from Dragon*Con there.

Will see what I can do about keeping you guys up-to date while I'm at the con. At the very least I'll have a post after the con. that's all for now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DragonCon Preperations

Huzah! Got my business cards in the mail yesterday. They turned out really nice and defiantly going to use the company again. GotPrint.net printed them with a 2 day turnaround and 3 day delivery for about $30.

Now just need to get the portfolio booklets printed up and I'll be ready for DragonCon next week.

Wow... I'm starting to feel like a professional.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concept Vehicles Speedpaint

Spartan 2800cc v6 motorcycle

Spartan - sample colors
SphereCycle, built on the same propulsion concepts as the SecDroid

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketch Dump 2

Trying my hand at some concept art, pleased with how they turned out.

Playing around with some ideas for an environment that will likely appear in the D&D game that I will be running soon. Lost track of how long I spent on this, maybe 3 hours or so?

Hour speed paint that was inspired by this video.

And preparations for DragonCon are starting to come together. My business cards have shipped today. I should be getting them by Wednesday or so.

The portfolio teasers are almost ready for printing, just need to work out the cover. Plan is to have some friends over to help put them together next Monday. Gotta love what promises of beer and pizza can do for acquiring some extra manpower.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bloody Blue Screens and Bad-Ass Blogs

Well, crap.

When trying to scan the pics from Dr Sketchy's on Thursday, my work rig blue-screen'd on me. I've had it happen every once in a while so this doesn't bode particularly well.

Good news is that a friend of a friend is brilliant with building computers. Plan on talking to him when upgrading my systems so that I can customize it to what I'm going to need; High processor speed, lots of ram, high end graphics card are what I'm thinking. Going to talk to some people to get suggestions.

So, since there's no dawing from Dr Sketchy's for the moment, here's cool stuff from the wilds of the Internet.
  • Gurney Journey, the blog of Dinotopia creator James Gurney. Fantastic for picking through the mind of a fantastic "Imaginative Realist".
  • Newman's Art Blog, "naughty art, filthy fairytales and other perverted nonsense" by Ben Newman. NSFW at times, so be warned.
  • Indistinguishable From Magic, by Aaron Diaz; the artist and author of Dresden Codak, which is an amazing comic which if you haven't heard of, for shame. If you haven't read it you should go do so, now. No seriously, go read it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's

Went to the North Jersey Dr Sketchy's last night. Small but had a good vibe to it. Definitely will be going back and will post some of the sketches up here when I can.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bast Sketch Color

As the title says, colored the lineart from the last post, that is all.

[insert witty title here]

Well it's been interesting this past week.

Had fun at the Tuxedo Renfaire last weekend with friends, pretty ladies and baudy performers, then yesterday I got hit with my third kindey-stone in the past two years, second in the past six months. Not fun, not fun at all.

Couldn't sleep last night so I got some sketching done, enjoy the fruits of my pains and insomnia.

The Egyptian goddess Bast, in her aspect as a goddess of perfumes. Rather pleased with the lineart, planing to color this up at some point later.

Took a look through some of my old sketchbooks, and yea gods I've gotten better in the past decade. Even just four years ago, I'm impressed at the progress that I've made. Here's to the improvement so far, and to the improvement I'll be making in the future.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sketch Dump

Hey all, getting some more art up here since this is supposed to be an art blog.

Managed to get some very nice sketches and watercolors done while I was at the beach last month. Very happy with how some of the later pieces turned out.

Muse enjoying the island beverages and decor.
The house were renting had a poster with a hula girl and I thought muse would look good in the lei.

Rayne relaxing on the beach.
Luckily the arm's brass or the salt water would be a nightmare. As it is she's gonna be spending hours cleaning the sand out.

Random blonde girl looking coy, used a photo reference for the pose. Scanner did horrible things to the delicate tonal variations on the violet around her. >_<

Demoness. By far my favorite lineart of the lot, colored this one digitally because I didn't want to mess up the pencils and most of the colors in the ones above were pretty much off the cuff. Plan to do a full digipaint of this at some point to practice colors.

Alternate colors of the Demoness lineart. I like this color set better than the other, but need to play around with it a bit more I think.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dream Worlds

Ok, the scanner's on the fritz, so no watercolors yet. Will get that fixed as soon as I can.

Tomorrow's going to be a cleaning day, organizing all the stuff that got moved into my studio while I was cleaning my room after moving back home from college. With any luck I'll have space to actually work and more incentive to actually do so.

In other news, I saw Inception last night. Was a mind-trip. The dream-within-dream element alone was enough to mess with me; then add in the issues of what happens when you loose track of what is a dream and whether or not the world we live in is a dream and we just don't realize it (overlapping with concepts of Objective/Subjective/Consensus Reality, similar ideas that are presented in "eastern"/"Hindu" religion and in the Matrix).

Long story short, I thoroughly enjoyed it and summarily spent an hour after the movie discussing it with the friend I saw it with.

And speaking of crafting dreams, I'm working on building a D&D campaign that I plan to run, as soon as I can find players. Basically it's sort of a Wild West meets 1001 Arabian Nights. With dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are awesome. Will post the synopsis once things solidify more.