Monday, September 13, 2010

DragonCon Aftermath vol. 2

Finally got a chance to sift through the cards and fliers I got at the Convention. Today we have a list of various artists and related people/studios. Most of the people here got a copy of my portfolio teaser and a business card.

If you are one of the people amongst the list, welcome to my little slice of the bloggosphere.

Legendary Leatherworks
Southeastern Browncoats
Frogpants Studios
Demon Kitty Designs

Meg Lyman Illustration
Chandra Free
Gina Biggs
Filthy Figments (NSFW)
Jennie Breeden

Richard A. Kirk

Tom Taggart Art Studio

Mark Dos Santos

Erin Belle
Dave Cook

Chris Hamer

Luna 7
Fleecs Design

Eric Morin
Miss Mindy

Amanda Louise

Stephanie Gladden

Tiny Kitten Teeth

Ted Naifeh
Tyson McAdoo
Lauren Pery's Blank-ees

Errant Story by Michael Poe
John Tyler Christopher
Denise Vaquez
The Horrific Adventures of Franky

David Mack Guide
Imaginism Studios

R.L. Alexander

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